Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mailbag Meandering on
WAGs, WAGs, and More WAGs

It's funny what StartingEleven readers will choose to comment on. Since the last mailbag on Sept. 29, we've had plenty happen: snooze-inducing World Cup qualifiers; the snooze-inducing Champions League group stage; and the news that Fabio Capello is cracking down on the WAGs.

Yet none of those induced comments from my loyal readership. No, instead, it was Joe Kinnear, Diego Maradona, and ugh, David Beckham that drove you to reply. So applying deductive reasoning, we can conclude that my readers care only about fat old coaches, fat new coaches and fatheads.

Onto the latest mailbag:

Joe Kinnear's meltdown on Oct. 2 in front of the press is the stuff of legend, I must admit. At the pace he was going, he was going to drop more F-bombs than Joe Pesci did in Goodfellas and Casino combined.

Footy Boots Boy wrote: "I couldn't stop laughing when I heard this for the first time! Such an elegant opening few lines of dialog - makes anything by Shakespeare look crap!"

and then there was this from Jeremy Jacobs: "A wonderful advert for football. Not."

Reply: Well Footy, I am a fan of Twelfth Night, quite a bit of snarky humor there, I think Joe's just a tad short on that end. And as for you Jeremy, you should really sink more dough into your hockey team. For Chrissakes, we haven't had a Stanley Cup here since 1972; do you know how many hockey moms have become hockey grandmoms during that time? What the hell are you doing, trying to rival the Red Sox for championship futility? Great, they went 86 years, so applying that logic, the Bruins won't win until 2058. Thanks. You suck. Sell the team...

Moving on, Mark Meadows wrote us in response to: Starting Eleven Football Blog Roundup of Oct. 14:

I think the English press are vastly underrating Belarus and think they are going to be like Kazakhstan. They've quickly forgotten that ex Arsenal player Hleb is just one of several skilful Belarus midfielders.
A draw there would be a good result I reckon, especially as the atsmosphere will be something even England's jet-setting players wont have experienced.

Reply: Turns out Mark, that England won that match 3-1, the WAGs weren't allowed near the boys' boys and Capello is a genius.

Next... John wrote in response to: Maradona to Coach Argentina; Is this a Risk Worth Taking?

As a big fan I'm happy for Diego on his appoitment. He deserve his second chance in the National team. I pray that he can deliver us the World Cup.

I'm sure he will get the players respect as many of them have always look up to him. He can be a great motivator in the dressing room. Diego has been my hero since I was 6 years old.

Though I was born in Malaysia, he is my idol.

Reply: Well, where to begin? I'm all for idolatry and hero worship, but if Diego Maradona wants the players respect in the dressing room, he should trot out thong-wearing WAGs two-by-two. May not get their respect, but it will get their attention.

The Soccer Blogger also commented on the Maradona post:

I hope he does well, but I can't help feeling this has got disaster written all over it. Maradonna has been on a general downward spiral since defeat to German in 1990, he just seems to be one of those people that naturally self destruct. Like I say, I hope he proves me wrong and this is what he needs to truly get his life back on track, because let's face it, it's been a bit of a train wreck the last 18 years. Such a stark contrast to the previous 10 years before 1990.

Reply: Finally. Somebody who appreciates a good train wreck the way I do. Disaster is Spanish for Diego, no? Suerte yourself.

And finally, Anonymous (he/she writes a lot) comments on Beckham Milan Deal Done; Will He Come Back?

100% in agreement with the blog. If the Galaxy had any class at all(which they don't) they'd part company with Beckham once he told them that Milan was on his radar screen. The lengths that this man will go to in order to stay relevant is appalling.

Reply: Dude you know where I stand, plus, Posh gives WAGs a bad name.

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