Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Champions League Final: Live Blogging

Random thoughts while watching today's Champions League final between Manchester United and Chelsea, the first between two English teams.

  • Paul Scholes looks awful. Stuffed with cotton, he looks like an old pug who doesn't know better to stay in his corner and toss in the towel.
  • The goal is Ronaldo's first against Chelsea, 42nd of the year.
  • This may get ugly. Essien is either tired or shell-shocked as Ronaldo is starting to have his way in terms of freedom down the left side. Manchester United is imposing its will on the game and Chelsea is doing little to adjust. It's here where United has a big advantage; Sir Alex will outcoach Avram Grant. Now Drogba is cramping, adding to Grant's conundrum. How does he respond?
  • How solid is Rio Ferdinand and Vidic!
  • Not much imagination from Chelsea; dumping long balls from the back somewhat in Drogba's direction. Where's the imagination from the midfield.
  • Easy on my praise for United's defense. Ferdinand just cocked up an easy Drogba cross to the short box that Ballack couldn't put away with a header. Nice punch out from Van der sar.
  • Petr Cech! First on Tevez from Ronaldo then the rebound off Carrick. Wow.
  • Tremendous sequence for both keepers, especially Cech. Every venture downfield for United is a threat on goal. Ronaldo has solved Essien, no question. Calling Mr. Grant. This is why you get paid!
  • Can Chelsea survive to halftime down only one goal?
  • 40 minutes, Manchester United 1, Chelsea 0

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