Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Euro 2008: Germany-Turkey, Running Commentary

It's Euro 2008 semifinals No. 1, Germany against 11 Turks brought in off the street. Can't wait to see how this one turns out.

  • God Bless Andy Gray. Fahti is on "extra time" Perfect.
  • Hmm, the Turks are loose, the Germans on their heels and a little tight. Can you tell I'm rooting for the upset here?
  • Colin Kazim-Richards is a pain in the ass early, and three Turk rushes have been promising, especially the latest one at 8 mins. German defense afraid to mess up.
  • The Turks hit the bar at 13. The German back four have a great seat for this game because they're doing a lot of sitting and watching. Kazim hits the bar. Wow.
  • Gray-ism No. 2 "The bar isn't the only thing that's rattled. The Germans are too."
  • Anyone seen Eva Longoria? This is some Desperate Defending from the boys in white.
  • Hate to see Turkey give one up against the run of play. Happens a lot. Although, you'd think it would be Turkey playing the counterattacks.
  • Corner at 18, first test of Turk defense against German height. Poorly taken by Germany.
  • Buddy of mine is at a German bar in Lebanon, N.H. -- don't ask -- "These guys are losing their minds." Sums it up nicely, I'd say.
  • Gray-ism No. 3: "If I'm Fahti Teram, first job accomplished. 20 minutes and I'm in this match."
  • GOALLLLLLLLLL 21 minutes -- Sloppy defense finally does in the Germans. Lehman just LOST. Ball is looped off the bar and rebounds to Burol. WOW
  • Report from N.H. "Dead Silence."
  • GOAL. Germans tie it up at 26. Schweinsteiger converts a Podbolski cross, a great bang-bang play against the run of momentum and quickly it's 1-1. Curious now to see how Turkey responds.
  • Say this for Turkey, they're creative. I just wonder how long before fitness becomes an issue in this match and the Germans' real advantage surfaces.
  • The Germans continue to do a lot of standing and watching in very inopportune moments.
  • Altintop delivers a great free kick; probably intended as a pass but hit too well. Lehman stretches for the punch over the ball.
  • Someone check the German team bus. Anyone find some collective heart?
  • Nine shots from Turkey. This has been a fast first half hour.
  • Podolski blows a breakaway. Gray is right; he should have made the Turk keeper eat that one.
  • Ballack has been strangely quiet for Germany.
  • 37 minutes, dangerous foul and free kick for Turkey.
  • Kazim again in the middle of the fray for the upstarts.
  • Fine save from Lehman. Boral hooked it right at the keeper who punched it out. Can't these guys catch?
  • Gray-ism No. 4: "That's not the most convincing of punches."
  • First blood: Simon Rolfes. Amazing how thin the skin is around the eye. Ugh, they're using a staple gun on teh field to stitch him up.
  • 41 minutes: Turkey blows a 1-2 in the box. Altintop!!
  • Sabri threatens with a bomb, a meter too high. Turkey has another goal in them.
  • So. Great underdog stories? Hoosiers. 1980 U.S. hockey team. Chico's Bail Bonds. 2004 Sox.
  • HALFTIME. 1-1
Second half begins as I try to come up with other great underdogs, such as Barnsley in the FA Cup and Greece (Euro 2004).
  • Gray-ism No. 5: "Can the Turks play any better? I'd say they were pretty much at maximum in the first half."
  • How long was the ref going to allow Lahm to drag Altintop there at 49.
  • A lot of long through-balls from Turkey. What do they see in the German back line?
  • Wow. Klose was taken down in the box. A gift for the Turks. That should have been a penalty.
  • Controversial moment for sure. We'll see how it plays out once the final whistle blows. The Germans may need that one.
  • 53 mins. Definite physical tone has taken over the game. Definite advantage Germany there.
  • Not only do they wear down the Turks, but slow the game down to a crawl.
  • German passing is fantastic right now. Hitzlesperger should have done better with his shot after a tremendous sequence.
  • 57 mins. Ballack fouled. Dangerous free kick for Germany.
  • Momentum has totally shifted; a little muscle goes a long way.
  • Ballack blows the free kick.
  • ESPN has lost its feed from the game. WTF.
  • Holy crap, now I gotta look at Tommy Onion Bags and Julie TeaBag Foudy. Wow, I didn't sign up for this.
  • 65 minutes and ESPN is back. A bolt of lightning takes out the TV signal worldwide. Interesting.
  • Great run from Sabri at 68
  • Boral has been outstanding on the left for Turkey. Scored a goal, won a couple of corners, sweet free kick.
  • Is it me, or has the ref changed his tone too? Calling it tighter, especially against Turkey. Kazim foul in particular at 70. He blew the PK against Germany, gotta make up for it.
  • 20 minutes to go, and it's 1-1. I got my wish so far.
  • AGAIN?? Where's my game??
  • By the looks of the Fan Zone, Germany has scored.
  • GOALLLLL Klose puts the Germans up 2-1. Tired Turkey? Good thing it's not Thanksgiving.
  • This is a travesty for ESPN et. al. A nightmare. They missed a goal, likely the game-winner. God forbid, for their sakes, Turkey doesn't score in the final minute to tie it and ESPN is dark.
  • No amount of makeup covers up that mole on Julie Foudy's eyebrow, especially in HD.
  • Hideous defense on the Klose goal.
  • Turkey ties it!!!!
  • Sabri starts it again! Great look through the box to Semhi who tips it home 2-2 with 5 to play. Where was Lahm again on that one? He sets up Klose's goal and loses Semhi to give that one up. WOW.
  • This hasn't been the prettiest game, but it's been good on drama and goals. WOW
  • GOALLLLLLLLLLLL Germany. 3-2. Lahm.
  • A great give-and-go, the lone Turk fullback not knowing whether to stick with Schweinsteiger or Lahm chose incorrectly. Amazing.
  • ESPN loses its feed again! 3-2 in injury time.
  • Gray-ism No. 6: "This tournament should have come with a health warning."
  • That's a great way to end this running commentary. A classic game.
If you've been following, please send me a shout. I'd hate to think this was in vain.


CarMarMar said...

I read your commentary (towards the end)! I got a tip from a comment on the New York Times live reporting.
Yours was much more fun to read and updated more quickly! Thanks for keeping me in touch with what seems like a very intense and (towards the end) fast paced game!

Anonymous said...

i wasn't following during the game but i just read the summary. fun stuff (especially the HD mole comment, ha! i do like her as an analyst, mole or no.)

i was hoping for the turkey upset too.