Monday, November 17, 2008

Starting Eleven Football Blog Roundup

Out. Many connotations in that three-letter word; and not many of them are positive.

As far as football goes, out could be out of the Starting Eleven, or out of favor with the manager, or in the case of a few, ahem, boys, a variation of out "outed" might not be good for the marketing angle of one's career.

But for today, we'll stick with a couple conventional outs, as in out of the lineup with injury and out of a job as we kick off this week's escapades around the football blogosphere.

  • With another loss in the books for Real Madrid, Bernd Schuster is likely out as coach-perhaps as early as today. Dirty Tackle puts it in plain English. Tocado? Translation anyone.
  • Uruguay World Cup Blog highlights Canobbio's goal that may end costing Schuster his job. Canobbio is Uruguayan; it's all about targeting your audience, you know.
  • Inside Soccer World continues the Schuster assault; first the Copa exit, now Saturday's loss.
  • Teamtalk fuels the speculation about today's press conference in Madrid. Tick Tock Bernd.
  • RealMadridDK tosses gasoline on Schuster's funeral pyre; apparently the boss headed for Salamanca on vacation rather than return to Madrid following Saturday's loss. Priorities Bernd.
  • More from on Schuster skipping what was a voluntary workout. Thought voluntary was for players, not coaches Bernd?
  • Spoiler calls it the most shameful defeat in Real Madrid history. Internet hyperbole.
  • Outing No. 2. Lampard and Gerrard out of England-Germany friendly.
  • Seems there's some doubt as to whether Stevie G. is really hurt. Liverpool Daily Post says he has to prove it.
  • Buzz in Football says a power struggle is brewing between Gerrard and Capello.
  • Spoiler wants to know if it's real, and questions how Gerrard played 90 minutes this weekend.
  • The Disabled List has some practical advice for Gerrard on how to treat a groin strain. Steve, if you're reading, click through.
  • Inside Soccer World has Frank Lampard regret-free over staying at Chelsea rather than following Mourinho to Inter. Surprise surprise.
  • BTW, Lampard is out of the trip to Berlin as well, so says the Daily Star.
  • OK, if you're into minnows, look no further than Portugal where Leixoes proved it's legitimate, beating Sporting, 1-0 this weekend. They're on top in the league. Read more at Portugoal.
  • Two of their wins, BTW, are at Sporting and at Porto, two Champions League teams. More at Four Four Two.
  • Finally, Soccerlens has the MLS season in review, if you care.

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