Monday, January 18, 2010

Starting Eleven Football Blog Roundup

Just some random thoughts.

Such as: Doesn't it suck when a tennis major such as the Australian Open loses Maria Sharapova on the first day? I mean, who's watching now?

Football is a game of inches: Ask Dirk Kuyt; one inch to his left, his marvelous header nicks the inside of the post, Liverpool wins and we're talking about one of the goals of the year. Instead, he hits the wood dead-center, Liverpool ties, and the dread and dreariness continues.

And finally, Ronaldinho: Where the hell have you been hiding? Milan ran its offense through No. 80 all afternoon long, scored three goals and had at least a couple more at his feet that he missed. Six goals in two games. Someone wants to play in South Africa.

Now another completely random trip around the football blogosphere:

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