Wednesday, June 8, 2011

U.S. Beats Canada in Gold Cup Opener; So What?

Having watched bits and pieces of last night's Gold Cup opener for the United States men's national team against Canada, there were several striking observations about our beloved national side:
  • The pace and tactical imagination of last night's game was miles beneath Saturday's friendly against Spain. 
  • Gobs and gobs of space were available in midfield for the taking for both teams.
  • The U.S. certainly plays down to the level of its competition; playing up remains an issue. 
  • Tim Howard is class, and I posted this on Twitter immediately after his back-to-back point-blank second-half saves last night. I was immediately corrected, however. He's world class. Point very well taken.
  • Defensively, the USMNT remains an abomination, but gobs and gobs better without Oguchi Onyewu clogging up the middle.
  • The more I watched, the angrier I got that Bobo Bradley put this tournament ahead of a good showing against Spain. Confederations Cup be damned. Beating Canada in front of family and friends (I know 28,000 were there) and on a dismal pitch is pointless in the long run. 
  • That said, Bradley is the world's best coach this morning. Yay Gold Cup, we beat Canada. Bring on Guadelupe.

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