Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Live Blogging: Fox Football Fone-In

Fox Football Fone-In is a weekly treat. Tonight, Revs head coach Steve Nicol is on as we speak and Stephen Cohen, right, and Howard Rogers are tossing the usual softballs. But they did ask him an interesting one about English clubs cherry-picking his best players. Nicol said Michael Parkhurst and Shalarie Joseph are drawing attention. I was never a Shalarie Joseph fan, but the guy is turning into a presence as an attacking midfielder. Parkhurst is solid too. Neither one is Clint Dempsey, but few American players are.

Other Nicol highlights:

On Ruud Gullit taking on the Galaxy job and a perceived lack of ambition coming here for solely the money: "Ruud needs to do his homework before he gets here." "The trouble starts when things not going right, and you have to change your rosters. It's not like Europe where you take $10 and buy another player. All starts at the draft for him; it's going to be a whole new whacky world for him."

On a soccer specific stadium in Boston/Foxboro: "I have to be careful what I say. I know the Kraft family is actively looking for a spot for a stadium. I've seen plans."

On Premiership: "I've actually enjoyed it far more this year. Lot more goals--with teams like Derby struggling--going to watch a game on Saturday, you're going to go to the Premier League."

Here's hoping Nicol gets his championship Sunday.

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