Monday, December 10, 2007

Arsenal Loses; But is Gunners' Ship Sinking?

The inevitable happened: Arsenal lost. Liverpool too. There are no more unbeatens in the Premiership and the Gunners' lead is down to one.

'Boro handed Arsenal its first setback this weekend, 2-1. Arsenal is in the midst of a four-game swing away from the Emirates and is headed for a crucial top-of-the-table clash with Chelsea, sans Drogba unfortunately. Arsenal too is shorthanded. Flamini, Hleb, and Fabregas are hurt and it's unknown how many will be back for Chelsea on Sunday.

Gunner Blog runs down the excuses in short order for you, even insinuating that Toure was tired three minutes in against 'Boro and that led him to concede a penalty and the first goal of the game. At least Arsenal fans aren't panicking, nor should they. It's one loss and Arsenal is still top of table. United is coming on strong, but for now, all is well.

Arsenal Pies, however, is stirring things up. He wants Jens Lehman in goal Wednesday in the Champions League and ultimately reinstated as No. 1. He recalls Lehman's lament of early this season when he said Manuel Almunia had never won a big match for Arsenal. With Chelsea looming on Sunday, does Arsene Wenger have a choice to make here? Does Lehman deserve a chance at least Wednesday?

Doubtful. Arsenal has been the team to beat this season in the Premiership and Wenger won't panic in the midst of a tough stretch, where again, Arsenal has lost ONLY one game. Reactionary managers who take their advice from fans soon find themselves sitting with the fans.

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