Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jose Mourinho and England: A (Not-So) Perfect Match

Jose Mourinho wants the England job. Jose Mourinho doesn't want the England job.

John Terry wants him. Michael Essien wants him. Brian Barwick wants him--maybe--if John Toshak says it's OK.

The FA's floundering over naming a replacement for Steve McClaren is getting comical, especially as word filters out about the ad hoc advisory board Brian Barwick has assembled to consult on whether Mourinho, Fabio Capello or Martin O'Neill are qualified. If your phone is ringing, it could be ol' B.B.

In the meantime, crazy like a fox Mourinho is using all his special powers to manipulate the process. He allows his press advisor/agent/lacky/friend Eladio Paremes to leak word that he'd be honored to be approached by England. Taking the job is another thing entirely.

Mourinho has said that coaching national sides is an old man's job and he's not ready for that stage of his career--yet. Mourinho has unfinished business in club football. He wants another Champions League title, preferably with a Barcelona or A.C. Milan club of that stature. Clearly, he's using the FA to pump up potential offers from the real apples of his eye.

Barcelona is an interesting option. They continue to flail in Spain and Frank Rijkaard's days maybe numbered. There's a lot of "special" on that team already with Messi and Ronaldinho; adding Mourinho completes the picture nicely, no?

In the meantime, England's hopes are high Mourinho returns in some fashion to their country. Apparently, football is not as interesting as it used to be.

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