Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Live Blogging: Fox Football Fone-In

Some quick hits on tonight's show:

  • A take on the Premiership race and Liverpool--Nick think Rafa Benitez is brilliant in Europe, but still hasn't figured out how to win in the Premiership. Losing 3-1 to Reading is a head-scratcher to say the least. Granted it's Liverpool's first loss, but still, Rafa held out Gerrard and Torres in advance of today's Champions League game against Marseille. He's open to this kind of criticism.
  • Manchester United are the boys' current pick to win it all in England. United is scoring four goals a game and has a monster of a team that Sir Alex really has going on all gears. Stephen says United wins the double: England AND Europe
  • Chelsea, meanwhile, remains a bore! Rife with efficiency, Chelsea has lost just once since Mourinho's departure yet has still to light a fire under anyone with its performance on the pitch. Isn't this why Mourinho was let go? BTW, Shevchenko is destined for MLS, Nick says.
  • Arsenal, meanwhile, is destined to drop from the top of the heap in the Premiership. Stephen notes an easy schedule to start the season that is turning around now. Couple that with some crippling injuries and Arsenal is headed for a dip. Will Arsene Wenger spend during January? Maybe a keeper and a center back, Stephen says. Unlike Chelsea, which will be looking for strikers!
  • Nick says he still feels Rafa's on thin ice, and a caller backs him up saying they've spent a fortune on players, disrespected his owners and is losing to the Readings of the world.
Transfer Rumors:

  1. Arsenal needs a keeper and center back; looking at Ochoa of Mexico at keeper
  2. Man. U. needing a striker to move out Saha? Is he too fragile?
  3. Liverpool looking at Gabriele Rodriguez of Boca; the new Tevez?
  4. Chelsea? How about Anelka? Is this Grant's opportunity to make this "his" team and buy a few players to set that in motion? David Villa considering Valencia's mess?
  5. Tottenham has already spent a fortune, but can Juande Ramos squeeze in Alves?

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