Friday, March 7, 2008

Starting Eleven Football Blog Roundup

It's been a gloriously busy week in football and here on my little space; furious traffic, lots of interest--would really love to see more comments, but hey, I cannot get greedy. Time to share some of the love with my semi-regular look at who's saying what in the football blogosphere. Click through often to these other guys, they've got great things to say.

  • JonnySaunders' blog has an insightful post on the decline in scoring in football and the impact the 4-5-1 formation has had on the game. Anyone seen a 4-3 game lately?
  • MySoccerBlog reports that Fabio Cappello will be in Dallas to watch the LA Galaxy-FC Dallas friendly on March 15, and that could be a barometer as to whether David Beckham gets the call for England's March 26 friendly against France, which would be Beckham's 100th cap. He also confirms the U.S. will host Argentina June 8 at Giants Stadium.
  • Wondering about the name of the new St. Louis franchise? Wonder no more: MLS Rumors has it. I won't give it away.
  • Liverpool diehard Oh You Beauty looks at the upcoming weekend in the Premier League. Gotta think he's anxious for next week's Champions League second leg against Inter. Will there be four English teams in the quarterfinals--a first for the tournament?
  • Talking to the Doll is in mourning today after Benfica's dreadful UEFA Cup performance at home yesterday, losing to Getafe 2-1. Benfica heads to Spain next Thursday in a big hole. Big picture here: Benfica is second in Portugal, Getafe 10th in Spain. Pretty big statement about the gap between the two leagues.
  • 101 Great Goals has a great mix of takes today--as usual--starting with the calamity that was Bremen keeper Tim Wiese yesterday, to a strange red card call in a Copa Libertadores match, to Sepp Blatter and the 39th game. Must-read stuff.
  • Kartik and US Soccerspot pits the Championship against MLS. Read on for the winner...
  • Finally, for a solid UEFA Cup roundup, check out The Offside.

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Fumas said...

I think that La Liga is definetely the most competitive league in the world. Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico, Sevilla, Valencia(even though they are going through a rough spell) i think they are all very capable of winning the CL in any given year.
I think that Cardozo's red conditioned the team, but i think the team finished the game that getafe is an adversary that can be beat. I think along with the goal, the feeling the players were left with at the end of the game is something that is very important for the second leg.. with a little less than 7 days, recovering players might be the biggest task for Benfica. Depending how many players benfica is able to get healthy, i think they have a good chance of turning around the aggregate. We'll just have to wait and see who becomes available.