Monday, May 12, 2008

Starting Eleven Football Blog Roundup

If you're nostalgic and can appreciate symmetry, Manchester United's title-clinching win yesterday was absolutely orgasmic. Not only does the face of the new guard of football, Cristiano Ronaldo, all but lock up the championship with a penalty kick 33 minutes in, but graybeard Ryan Giggs salts away his 10th winners' medal with the goal that made the 2-0 final 10 minutes from the close.

The championship is United's 10th in 16 years, and sends the Reds bouncing into next week's Champions League final against Chelsea, which not only drew at home against Bolton, but may have lost John Terry to a dislocated elbow, and Didier Drogba to a banged-up knee.

In the end, United is a fitting champion. Man. U. was the best side, consistently from November on, and if not for a brutally difficult March and April schedule that allowed Chelsea to creep back into contention, this would not have gone to the final weekend.

Here's a jaunt around the football blogosphere, dedicated to the final weekend of the Premiership and Manchester United's championship:


Dave said...

Yesterday's win was great! Not cause I like Manchester United but also cause it adds to Ronaldo's great season. Wait and see how he will finish this year with the euro2008.

Z said...

What a fabulous victory! Go United!