Monday, October 20, 2008

Starting Eleven Football Blog Roundup

The admiration (manlove?) for Jose Mourinho at this space is no secret, but the "Special One's" latest bombast that he would like to, or will, some day return to England, even makes us wince. Less than six months on the job at Inter, and Jose is already looking for his next paycheck? If I'm the brass at Inter, I'm not exactly crooning in my cannoli this morning. Jose is a winner, and bad for his employers, he knows it. So likely, most of his hot air is treated as such, but it must be tough to market a club whose coach is looking back toward his "unfinished business" in the Premier League--and everyone knows he's destined to reign on the Portugal bench someday. Wonder if Carlos Queiroz's current struggles there may hasten his arrival?

Food for thought as we traverse the football blogosphere this morning.

  • The Spoiler speculates that Mourinho might consider the Tottenham job. Um, doubtful son. This fish is too big for your tiny frying pan.
  • Inside Soccer World puts Mourinho's return date to England as 2011. Phew, one year before the Myan calendar says we're all caput. Plenty of time to win that elusive Champions League with an English club.
  • "I have a contract. I'm happy with Inter." Soccer Weblog attributes that to Mourinho and asks the $64,000 question: Is he trying to convince us, or himself?"
  • True Blue Football Crazy speculates Mourinho may be waiting for SAF to call it quits. Hope that coincides with 2011 timeframe.
  • Ah, nope, forget it. Wrighty7 has it. It's Arsenal, not Man. U., you know, because it's Arsene Wenger's pact that's up in 2011. Phew, glad that's straightened out.
  • Moving on from relevant to irrelevant, David Beckham may be training with AC Milan shortly, y'know, to stay in shape. Inside Soccer World reports that Beckham is doing so to keep spry and keep Fabio Capello's attention. Becks is three caps shy of the England record.
  • YoungGuns says Arsenal wants Beckham to train again with the Gunners. Wenger says Beckham's professional influece had a positive effect on Arsenal's young players who are currently contributing to the big club. Beckham trained with Arsenal prior to the current MLS season.
  • The Offside speculates about Beckham's true motives here, whether it is about maintaining fitness, or whether he's angling for a way out of LA.
  • CarlyLovesUnited says Milan wanted Beckham after his stay at Real Madrid. Darn, if only those Damn Yankees hadn't got in the way.
  • EPL Talk has a solid analysis of the situation at Tottenham and the angst against Damian Comolli, and not the disinterested, dispassionate Juande Ramos. Interesting.
  • Buzzin Football asks if Tottentham is too good to get relegated. A great coach once said about his team "we are what we are." Seems to apply here. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, well then, Tottenham is going to get relegated.
  • CaughtOffside reports that Ramos is worried he'll be called to see chairman Daniel Levy this week. Sounds like going to the principal's office.
  • Villa the Offside ponders why the Premier League is turned on its ear. Hull in third? Tottenham at the bottom. WTF?
  • Speaking of Queiroz--we did, right? reports Gilberto Madail has given Queiroz the dreaded vote of confidence. Baseball fans in America know what that means for their teams' managers when that happens: "Mr. Queiroz, please report to the Principal's office!"
  • Oh You Beauty recaps Liverpool's raucous win over Wigan.
  • And finally, the Champions League resumes this week; in case you missed it and want to catch up on what's been happening, Champions League Talk has a good recap of recent news.

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