Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bayern Driving Up Price for Franck Ribery

Who doesn't love Franck Ribery? The guy's awesome.

But €150M worth of love? No way.

That's what Bayern Munich general manager Uli Hoeness says the France international is worth. In the meantime, chairman Karl-Heinze Rummenigge says Ribery, who is under contract until 2011, is not for sale. The former German scoring machine says Chelsea, Barcelona and Manchester United have made offers to scoop up the sensational Ribery.

Real Madrid? Not so much, says Rummenigge.

Ribery plugs a lot of important holes for Madrid and could be the best signing of the offseason for the Galacticos if it were to happen. He's a complete player, more so than Ronaldo and Kaka, who have already started looking for pricy real estate near the Spanish capital. It makes sense he go there. He also makes a lot of sense for Chelsea, who is looking to dump a lot of former F.C. Porto stars to a certain special coach in Italy, clearing the decks for some big signing. And Barca? Well, Ribery would have no trouble finding playing time for the European champs either, especially if he's joined by the likes of Cesc Fabregas.

So what's the big whoop?

Well, the cynic in me says Bayern would sell its best player, but it has a certain number in mind for a transfer fee, and one not as exorbitant as €150M; probably closer to €100M. By dragging Real Madrid's name into the fray, Rummenigge and Hoeness are doing nothing but driving up the price.

Question is, clearly, does Madrid have enough of a credit line left to scoop up fast Franck? He would complete the biggest triple play in sporting history and simultaneously put Madrid in line to become the greatest team in football history [where's my sarcasm font?]. Would it ever lose a game?

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