Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Football's Hottest WAGs Get
Early Jump on World Cup Headlines

And today's top story: Vicki Beckham had her knockers knocked down a peg. Seems the former Posh Spice and current Mrs. David Beckham has downsized from a 34D to help her fashion career get in gear. Really?

As far as WAGs go, Beckham's not even in the top 10 (20?) any more. I love dipping into the WAGs (I'm talking figuratively here, for the moment) because they give the best head(lines). Check out these gems:

OK, so excuse me for turning Starting Eleven into a tabloid for today, but c'mon WAGs totally rock. I'm totally speaking out of jealousy here, because we just don't hound the WAGs here in the States the way the Brits do. I mean, we're totally burned out on Tom and Gisele, well, because they're the only story in town.

WAGs tales (tails?) are great because they kick up so many side stories of interest. I mean, does sex before a Confederations Cup match really weaken the legs? And just where, oh, where will the ladies bunk up in South Africa next summer? I mean, seriously, these are huge questions to be answered. We can't have the ladies too close to the boys!

Finally, my gift to you: Hours of fun clicking through English football's finest WAGs (a sticky site indeed)

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