Saturday, July 4, 2009

Michael Owen, Besieged by Ifs and
Injuries, Signs with Manchester United

So I wake up this morning expecting nothing actually. Fireworks tonight. Some beer and burgers in between.

And Michael Owen signing with Manchester United?


Isn't this one about 10 years too late?

Seriously, Michael Owen can't take two steps onto the pitch without tripping on the touch line, pulling a hamstring and sitting on the sidelines for four months.

Owen signed for two years with an option for a third for United. Naturally, you lose Cristiano Ronaldo, who bolts for Paris (Hilton) and Madrid, and your best move is to lock up 29-year-old Michael Owen, a guy who's best years are 11 years behind him?

Seriously, a healthy Owen gives you a nice goal-scoring option off the bench. The guy knows how to score and does it quite well--when healthy. That's a big tomale sitting out there. The guy is never healthy.

Will it hurt United when Owen goes down? Probably not because depth is not an issue at Old Trafford, and Owen is, I guess, a nice-to-have option.

As for Owen, this guy went from the Kansas to the Land of Oz in an instant here. Stoke was his next stop not too long ago, and now he's got a chance, if he stays healthy, of playing in the Champions League final, winning the Premier League, FA Cup and whatever else, Sir Alex Ferguson decides he wants to win this coming season.

I guess SAF is that man behind the curtain.

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