Monday, July 6, 2009

Starting Eleven Football Blog Roundup

How about that Gold Cup everyone? Mexico suffers a fairly serious injury; Nicaragua plays its first major tournament and Guadeloupe wins and is headed for a showdown with Mexico. The U.S.? It pounds on Grenada, much in the same way our military did back in the '80s: Not necessarily with our elite troops, but it was an appropriate and efficient response to an annoying problem.

Now that we have proper perspective on the Gold Cup, here's this week's skip-to-my-Lou around the football blogosphere:

  • Kartik at Major League Soccer Talk covers all the bases regarding to Gold Cup. Today's must read!
  • Today's Jinx of the Day Award goes to Young Guns for its feature on Carlos Vela, who promptly went out and got himself hurt. Ouch.
  • The 90th Minute has a clinical look at the Gold Cup so far. If you're a numbers person, click through.
  • Ives Galarcep has a report that Real Madrid wants Onyewu. Awesome.
  • The Offside examines why U.K. football coverage matters to the U.S. and why ESPN is so important to the mix.
  • Soccerblog wants the U.S. to go to the next level. Me too man, me too.
  • Benny Feilhaber will play against Honduras, so says the USMNT blog.
  • More on (moron?) Florentino Perez's call for a European Super League: BIGON Sandbank thinks Perez wants to overthrow UEFA, more or less.
  • EPL Talk says this recurring idea is a head scratcher.
  • Short and steady opinion on the Super League from Spot Kicks. Bad idea, still.
  • Clearly the Super League is a power play against Platini, right The Offside?
  • Finally, World Football Here says it best: Rubbish!
  • F.C. Porto is under seige. Lisandro and Lucho on the way out? Well, maybe not Lisandro says Portugoal.
  • Lucho, meanwhile, is lovin' Marseille, says
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