Monday, June 7, 2010

World Cup 2010: Group D Preview

Four countries, three continents; must be Group D, otherwise known as the Germany and everyone else group.

Germany is going to win this group, they're going to blow through this group, they're going to be in the second round and probably the quarterfinals. Ho-hum. It's probably no secret I despise German soccer. Not for political or historical reasons, no, it's primarily because they bore me to tears when they play. And they always win. Hate the Yankees. Loathe the Canadiens. Don't get me started on German soccer.

Ghana is here, so is Australia and Serbia. I would have made Ghana an automatic, but Michael Essien is out, and he's awesome. So Ghana is done. It's between the Socceroos and Serbia and I have to go with the Serbs. They've got former Sporting keeper Stojkovic, and 18 other guys whose name ends in 'vic. Except for that Vidic guy in the middle of their defense. I like him. I like defense.

It's Germany and Serbia.

  1. Germany 7
  2. Serbia 7
  3. Australia 1
  4. Ghana 0

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