Monday, June 7, 2010

World Cup 2010: Group A Preview

Group by Group we go previewing the 2010 World Cup. Today's it's Group A:

This is an interesting group for a couple of reasons. Clearly, the host side being here presents a quandary, because, well, frankly they're not that good. Yet South Africa could get a boost on emotion alone and if it could somehow manage to steal a point or three, it could at least influence the outcome of the group rather than be a doormat for the other three nations.

The other story here is obviously France, who is in Africa only because of Thierry Henry's not-so-magical hand. You can bet there won't be a lot of love for the French in the tournament, very little emotional support outside of France and a lot ill will.

So in the interest of ill will and rude hosts, we'll go with Mexico and Uruguay, lending credence of course to the fact that Northern hemisphere nations have no chance of winning in the south.

  1. Mexico 7 points
  2. Uruguay 5
  3. France 3
  4. South Africa 1
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