Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup 2010 Running Commentary: South Africa-Mexico

Random thoughts while watching the first match of World Cup 2010 between South Africa and Mexico:

  • ESPN has already had a bunch of audio glitches and video flubs. Um, you've only had years to get this right World Wide Leader.
  • The hiring of Martin Tyler will prove to be ESPN's best move. Just awesome sparing us JP Dellacamera, Tommy Onion Bags et al.
  • Mexico in black; looks wierd
  • If South Africa has a strong on-field leader, they need him now in that huddle.
  • Thinking of Senegal's '02 upset of France. Hmm.
  • This is like a Mexican training session
  • Wow. DosSantos should have buried that. South Africa is playing petrified.
  • How many times do you see a team dominate completely early on, only to give up a bad goal in counter-attack. Not sure South Africa has it in them.
  • South Africa is poor fundamentally. This isn't just nerves.
  • Great point, don't be afraid to lose South Africa.
  • That was promising, decent run down the right for The Boys, The Boys
  • Just for fun, you know like counting yellow cars on the highway during a boring Sunday drive, let's count how many consecutive touches the Mexicans manage during a given possession.
  • 10 ending in an offside
  • 7 and out of bounds
  • BTW, 13 mins. 0-0
  • Poorly defended corner, Franco's header off the mark untouched. Should be 2-0
  • Ref fell for a dive, dangerous spot for a free kick for RSA
  • Ack. Bad miss son, at least put it on goal. 18 mins, 0-0
  • One more free kick for RSA after handball, and another set piece disaster.
  • robbery!

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