Monday, November 8, 2010

Liverpool Climbs From Relegation Depths, Beats Chelsea

Liverpool Lady
Relegation? Hogwash! Look who's back baby, it's Liverpool.

Undefeated in five matches, including wins in their last four, the Reds have pulled themselves from the relegation zone to the middle of the table with two patsies for fixtures in the next two weeks. Can we start talking about Liverpool launching itself back into the top four and next year's Champions League?

Sure beating Bolton, Blackburn and Napoli are nice, but when you peg a brace of goals on league leaders and Europe's best bunch Chelsea 2-0, then it's time to stand and take notice. Call the Kops; Liverpool is back.

Must be the Fenway Faithful urging Liverpool to the heights of the Premiership. Liverpool hasn't lost since John Henry's Red Sox ownership group took hold of the staff to guide the Anfield Army. Fear not when you see a 37-foot wall being erected at Anfield--it's part of the mystique. Plus the seats atop the wall will provide a killer view of a match. And the advertising revenue from all that space will buy players without creating more debt. Just call it American ingenuity.

In the meantime, how about a pat on the back for Liverpool's Spanish studs, Pepe Reina in goal and Fernando Torres scoring goals. Reina was absolutely larcenous against Chelsea, which did not have Didier Drogba in its Starting Eleven. Apparently, Drogba had a fever. A couple of baby aspirin at halftime enabled Drogba to play some in the second half, but by then, two brilliant Torres goals and a handful of world-class keeping by Reina put this one away.

Next up is Wigan and Stoke, currently 18th and 17th in the Premier League table. The giants, meanwhile, will continue to knock each other off. This weekend, we've got the Manchester derby and Chelsea taking on Clint Dempsey's Fulham team. Surely Liverpool will gain more ground, especially as Chelsea next faces upstart Sunderland and United heads to Villa. I smell six more points and a few more baby steps toward the top of the table.

The Red Sox and Liverpool--the stuff memories, and championships, are made of.


Anonymous said...

Liverpool lost to Everton in their first game after the takeover. Yes, it was only a day and a half later, but still makes your statement false.

Starting11 said...

Well thanks for pointing that out Mr. Stickler for Accuracy.

Jonny said...

The league is very tight. It is amazing to think that Liverpool are now equal with Spurs, who we are led to believe have had an amazing start to the season.