Thursday, April 7, 2011

LeBron Takes His Talents to Anfield;
Acquires Minority Share of Liverpool

LeBron's New Team.
So LeBron James is a minority owner of Liverpool FC this morning. Well yippe-kai-yay. Hey LeBron, can you find Liverpool on a map? (Hint: It's in England--over there, no higher. North. No, that's south).

The nuts and bolts of the deal are that Fenway Sports Group, i.e., the Boston Red Sox, and LeBron's marketing firm LRMR negotiated a deal where Fenway will rep LeBron. In exchange, this expands the King James brand into Europe and aligns the Red Sox, Liverpool and LeBron whenever convenient. Ho-hum.

This is clearly a marriage of convenience. LeBron's brand is probably stronger overseas than it is here. He's still stinging from "The Decision" and his choice to create some sort of superteam with the Miami Heat, manipulating the arrival of Chris Bosh, as well as his own, to join Dwayne Wade. Remains to be seen if the experiment is going to pay off for the Heat, but LeBron is definitely not regarded as the game's ambassador here. He's made some awkward, questionable decisions and most importantly--has yet to win ANYTHING.

I think this one is all splash and no substance. You'll see LeBron at Anfield for sure in the near future and peddling swag worldwide. Maybe he can convince King Kenny to build a superteam at Liverpool! Ronaldo, Messi and Iniesta! Sure. Why not?

He's King James.

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