Sunday, May 1, 2011

Twitter is a Real Kick for Soccer Talk

I've neglected my little space on the Intertubes here, largely because of Twitter. The instant gratification and dialogue is a lot more satisfying than having to seed this sucker on other blogs. I love writing here, but my Twitter feed!/starting_eleven is a lot more fun. Sorry peeps.

But that doesn't mean I'm not following footie closely. I've got my U.S.-Spain tix in hand for June 4 in Foxboro and can't wait to do some live Tweeting from Gillette (oops, sorry again blogospores). Granted, my Twitter streams are a lot more about Portuguese soccer and my love-hate relationship with Sporting Clube de Portugal. I spar with some Benfica fans (of course); talkin to you Talkin' To Da Doll (what does that mean?) and Marco Pereira and have great banter with some expert types like Ben Shave, Jen Chang and Steven Cohen formerly of World Football Daily.

There's some great conversation going on Twitter about football. On a game night, there's nothing like it really. During the U.S.-Argentina match a few weeks back, it was great fun to debate within the match about Bradley's inane substitutions, how poorly the U.S. defends sometimes, and how frustrating their lack of finishing ability it. I could do a running commentary here, but it's just not the same immediacy.

So no, I'm not shutting down my blog, just writing less frequently here. I'm saving this for longer form analysis, rants and whatever I feel like doing. Don't hate. Follow me on Twitter. Follow these folks above and others on Twitter. It's fun and a great time-suck.

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