Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Live Blogging: Fox Football Fone-In, Part III

Wrapping up soon. I love this show; love the contrived conversations. It's great.

  • Roman Abromovitch is offering each Russian player 100,000 pounds to beat Israel Saturday, a win that would qualify Russia for Euro 2008, and knock out England. Abromovitch knows that he owns a club with a glut of England nationals? Right? England's in huge trouble: No John Terry, no Rooney, no Rio Ferdinand, no hope.
  • Is Scotland catching Italy at the right time given the mess Italy football is in? Stephen theorizes Italy is dying to get out of the country and it won't faze them to be away from home in a hostile park with a lot on the line. And even if Italy loses, they still can beat the Faroe Islands and get in.
  • Who's the eventual replacement for Steve McClaren? Rogers has to crack: It's Jose. Stephen: No Chance.
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