Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Live Blogging: Triple-F

Max Bretos joins Stephen Cohen. He's shaky and nervous, kinda awkward to watch.

Tonight's poll: Should McClaren go win or lose tomorrow? I think the majority will rule McClaren loses his spot as England manager.

Stephen is pushing for Jose Mourinho to do spot duty for England should they get in. Having Mourinho sit in for a six-month gig is unlikely. Mourinho's been pretty adamant he doesn't want the England job now (or any international job for the time being), and there's no reason to think otherwise. Mourinho's destined for Inter Milan, and he could be joined there by Riquelme, who should be liberated from Spain during the January transfer window.
If England gets in, it's too difficult to let McClaren go at this point. Why would the FA open itself to second guessing at that point?

Chris Sullivan, Fox Soccer analyst joins the show for some commentary on US-South Africa friendly.
  • He says the altitude took its toll on the U.S. in the second half against RSA. Should be a hot topic for the World Cup 2010. Last altitude World Cup, '86 in Mexico.
  • Praises Bob Bradley for his reliance on youth; ie Altidore, Adu, et. al. getting used to putting on the jersey and traveling abroad to represent the U.S., a good dry run.
  • U.S. won 12, lost 5 and tied 1 match in 2007
  • Benny Failhaber is out of position with the US men's team and can't get on the field for Derby County, neither of which is helping his current form.
  • Gives the U.S. a grade of B for 2007
  • Says Bradley wasn't allowed to take his best team to Copa America.
  • Failhaber needs to be in Spain, France, Holland, a lesser profile league than England where skill and technique is taught and stressed.
  • All three give high marks to Bob Bradley who has apparently won them all over after some skepticism early on. "He's absolutely the right guy," Cohen says.
  • Sullivan: Landon Donovan still has and deserves a starting spot with the U.S. men's national team. "He can run with Kaka."

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