Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wink: Thierry Henry Headed to MLS (some day)

So Thierry Henry is bound for MLS. Says so right on Sports Illustrated's Web site. Yep, he's coming to America. Messi? Ronaldinho? Camp Nou? No thanks. Give him Twellman or DeRosario; set up him at the Home Depot Center. After all, he's good buddies with hoop star Tony Parker and also struck up a friendship with Deron Williams at Parkers nuptials to Eva Longoria. Naturally where else would a top 5 striker in Europe end up but in the good ol' U.S. of A., the world's football hotbed.?

Somebody better tell Henry quickly that the only football Americans care about is shaped rather oddly.

And somebody better tell Sports Illustrated that the MLS and America is where once-great footballers come to die--well maybe not die--but at least close down their careers.

Outside the outlandishness of the thought that Henry might some day play quality minutes in MLS, the interview does offer some insight. Eto'o will come off the injury list soon. How will you, Ronaldinho, Messi and he all play at once?

Henry: I'm not the guy in charge -- there's only one guy who can tell you that. But that definitely can be and will be something great because Sammy is a great player. But whoever's out there on the pitch is going to have to help Barcelona win. That's the most important thing. Arsenal is still undefeated this season, and you were quoted as saying the team may actually be better off without you because of its style of play.

Henry: I don't know about that. People like to tweak quotes and that sounds better. Before I arrived and when I left, Arsenal has remained Arsenal. Players come and go. When I watch them play, I see the same Arsenal -- moving the ball, playing one-two touch football, scoring the Arsenal way. It's the same thing. It's been like that the last the 11 years. The only thing that might change is [manager] Arsène Wenger. If he leaves, they stop being Arsenal. You left a club known for producing amazing young players, but Barcelona might be even better in that regard.

Henry: It's just ridiculous. You see one coming through one year, the next year it's another one. Recently they've had guys like Bojan Krkic and Giovani dos Santos coming through. But some of these older guys came through the system, like Xavi and Carles Puyol. Even Cesc Fàbregas [of Arsenal] came from here. Both clubs are known for that, but it is amazing how every year Barça seems to have like one or two players being called the next big star. It becomes almost normal, but that's just the way it is.

Henry also laments never having won the Champions League with Arsenal. Guess what TH14, you won't get it again this year. In fact, your former club is in better shape to win the big-eared cup than Barca. Luck just seems to avoid some guys. At least he's on a first-name basis with Eva.

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