Sunday, December 23, 2007

Live Blogging: Barcelona-Real Madrid, first half

Julio Cesar Baptista's goal gives Real Madrid a 1-0 lead over Barcelona at Nou Camp--sensational give-and-go with Van Nistelrooy. It's been a chippy game with more fouls/cards than shots on goal. Ronaldinho did get the start despite yesterday's blow-up during training with Frank Rijkaard. Deco is in the Barca lineup too.

  • 42nd minute, Ronaldinho dives in the box looking for a PK. Total act; Ronny stepped on the ball and crashed to the turf. Cannavaro gave him an earful for diving.
  • Real's Wesley Sneijder is having a day at defensive midfield. Puyol, meanwhile, is an attacking threat always; just collided with Casillas.
  • Ronaldinho attacks the left flank of the Real defense to no avail. Pepe and Cannavaro are impeccable.
  • The halftime whistle brings a merciful end to the first 45. Unlike last March's true classico, the skill and passion are out of this one, replaced by chippiness and ugly play. Typical derby.
  • Real carried the half, despite a couple of incursions from Eto. Casillas was brilliant.
  • 22 fouls between the two clubs; two yellows. Five shots on goal. Says it all.

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