Thursday, February 21, 2008

Liverpool Proposal: Co-Managers?

You know the old joke about having two girlfriends--one for Monday-Friday and one for the weekend? I can’t get past that feeling when it comes to Rafa Benitez and Liverpool. Perhaps the Reds need co-managers; one for the Premiership and Rafa for Europe.

The Times of London’s Oliver Kay writes a fascinating piece quoting Rafa in a shocking admission that he’s not built for the Premiership.

This is straight from the article:

“In Europe you can approach a game tactically in a different way,” the Liverpool manager said when asked to explain the contradiction between their domestic and Champions League form. “In England, it is a different style of football and more difficult for the manager to influence what goes on. It is not as simple to influence the game with tactics in England the way it is elsewhere in Europe.”

OK, my cynical side says Rafa is trying to talk his way out of Anfield, forcing the hand of his American owners. Who would tolerate such an admission?

The other side of me says Rafa is arrogant and living off his two Champions League final appearances--one win--the Premiership be damned. It’s doubtful Liverpool supporters are OK with this. The Reds haven’t won the title in England since 1989-90 and there’s no convincing me that situation is acceptable.

I’ve been back and forth of Rafa’s future, and today, I’m sure he’s out the second Liverpool is excused from the Champions League. Of course, watch him win the thing again and muck up the gears for another year.

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Anonymous said...

I kind of agree. Rafa can't coach in league play. Come Europe, team looks top notch.