Friday, February 15, 2008

No to Game 39: Blatter Threatens 2018 England Cup Bid

FIFA big man Sepp Blatter weighs in on the Premiership’s Game 39 proposal and he’s not exactly aboard, going so far as to say that it would not happen as long as he is FIFA president. “If you are the most prosperous league in the world and if you accept that everyone in football has a responsibility to maintain it not only as a business, but as a game,” he said. “'Then, all of a sudden you come out with a project which only has business and money behind it.”

While it looks like the No to Game 39 lobby will ultimately win out, it’s a bit unseemly of Sir Sepp to hold England’s 2018 World Cup big over the league’s head. Talk about blackmail.

File this one as a case study in how power corrupts.

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