Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Interesting Poll Results

Some of you who stop by regularly may notice that I regularly put up a poll. It's usually a fun thing for me, and I can pretty much guess how it's going to turn out.

The last one has me flummoxed, however. I asked where you think Jose Mourinho may end up, and while this is hardly scientific or even remotely close to a worthy sample, four of the nine who voted said Liverpool.

Honestly, I would have expected Barcelona to be the runaway winner, and if there was going to be an underdog winner, I would have pinned my hopes on the Portuguese national team; but Liverpool?

I'll repost the results here since the poll will eventually disappear:

Liverpool 4 votes (44%)
Barcelona 2 votes (22%)
Portugal 1 vote (11%)
Benfica 1 vote (11%)
Porto 1 vote (11%)
AC Milan 0 votes (0%)
Other 0 votes (0%)


I'll speculate here that I have some loyal readers who are Liverpool diehards and those folks voted with their hearts. My head still tells me Barcelona or even AC Milan, which got ZERO votes in my informal survey.

But it would be interesting to see him land at Anfield; perhaps from there he could carry out his "kill Chelsea" promise.

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