Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Live Blogging: Champions League, AC Milan--Arsenal

Random thoughts while watching today's Champions League second-leg round-of-16 match between AC Milan and Arsenal

  • Looks like the biggest change from the first leg is that Arsenal will start Almunia in goal in place of Lehmans, who played well in the first match.
  • Clarence Seedorf is out injured; Inzaghi is in his place. Kaka is also in the Milan lineup
  • Milan testing the Arsenal back line early; Inzaghi called for an offside on a long ball over the top, but message sent.
  • Is ESPN's Derek Rae actually pretending he's in Italy? Don't insult our intelligence.
  • Quality tackle from Fabregas on Kaka
  • Kleb gets the first shot off, mile high and wide
  • Pato shows some flash in earning a corner; Fabregas saves Arsenal from going down early on the corner
  • Three corners in the first 10 minutes for Milan; is the goal a matter of time? Pirlo's corner services aren't of the best quality so far.
  • Adebayor settles a long ball and drops it for Diaby who wasn't accurate with a good opportunity. Would have liked to have seen him take the shot once he had the Milan fullback down.
  • Maldini's quality cross to Inzaghi is precious; Inzaghi gets nothing on his shot however.
  • Both teams coming hard for the first goal.
  • Is it me, or does Adebayor look a little sleepy?
  • Amazing exchange, starting with a great defensive stop, a 60-meter run and cross to Pato who shot weakly on goal for Milan.
  • Inzaghi is such a scorer, always in position to threaten. Senderos' pass was on boot, cleared nicely.

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