Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Live Blogging: Champions League, AC Milan--Arsenal--Halftime

Random thoughts while watching today's Champions League second-leg round-of-16 match between AC Milan and Arsenal

At 20 minutes:
  • How desperate will Wenger get? Will Van Persie play?
  • Milan snared twice in Arsenal's offside trap. Will it ultimately fail?
  • Wow, Adebayor with the first legitimate Arsenal chance; tipped over by Kalac
  • Arsenal's forwards are doing an excellent job of denying Milan escape from its own end. Every short and long ball is challenged, many blocked
  • Fabregas is the only Arsenal player consistently calling for the ball and willing to shoot.
  • How do the Milan supporters whistle for that long? This is agonizingly patient offense from Arsenal
  • Kleb colored yellow for a dive. Should have been a foul, at worst outside the box.
  • Fabregas hits the bar; a matter of time for Arsenal. This has been a good 10 minutes of pressure.
  • Is it me, or is Adebayor playing awfully wide today?
  • Give Arsenal credit; it's obligated to attack and that's just what it's done. It should be up at least 2-0 with Adebayor's near miss, Fabregas' ball off the bar.
  • It will be interesting if the Gunners score whether Milan can crank it up and score the two goals it would need.
  • Gotta love the ESPN leaps to conclusions that Milan is tired, and the Japan trip is to blame.
  • How does Milan adjust at the half? Who comes in?

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