Monday, August 25, 2008

Running Commentary: Fox Football Fone-In

I haven't done one of these in a while.

Fox Football Fone-In on Fox Soccer Channel is the only quality football show in the country. Periodically I do a running commentary on the show and this the first for the current season. For those unfamiliar with the show, these guys do a radio show on Sirius satellite radio and this show on FSC every Monday night.
  • The bloom is already off Fabio Capello's rose? Hosts Steven Cohen and Nick Webster are down on England's performance against the Czechs last week (2-2) draw, and some of the criticism is valid. Beckham still on the team, holding back younger players who need a look; No front-line striker; a shockingly average keeper.
  • They're running through the EPL, and Portsmouth and Arsenal are on the skewer. Portsmouth loses today to Manchester United, its second straight, and chances are the going isn't about to get easier for Pompey. Arsenal, meanwhile, is under task for its lack of player movement. How hamstrung is this club by its financial situation, in particular the debt around Emirates Stadium--and Arsene Wenger's ego. Steven contends Wenger is convinced he can get it done with younger players. Nick adds the clincher: Four years without a cup.
  • Didn't take long: First viewer call of the night is a Scolari-Mourinho comparison. Scolari's in charge, and it's going to be pretty, just what Roman Abramovich asked for.
  • Poll question: Should Lampard and Gerrard co-exist continue to play together in the England midfield?
  • Sunderland and Wigan, two surprise clubs in the EPL. Do they have staying power.
  • Berbatov at United eventually, yep. Where does play? Likely in a 4-4-2, says Webster.
  • Tottenham has managed this situation "shockingly", and the closer the transfer window close gets, the lower the price gets for Berbatov.
  • Why am I not the VIP Communications blogger of the week?
  • 7 votes in the poll, 4-3 for no, they shouldn't play together.
  • Arsenal fans have had it with Wenger? The Gunners are up in arms over the lack of spending. Boring, boring Arsenal.
  • If you're watching the program, shoot me a comment. I'll post it ASAP.
  • OK, so this is a stretch. Next segment starts out with some talk on the new boys, the promoted clubs such as Hull City. I mean OK, they got points against Blackburn, etc. But no one thinks they're any kind of threat for a cup etc. Is this show destined to get chopped to an hour?
  • Love the Nutmeg shirt.
  • Good point about English managers getting a chance with the lower-rung clubs, cuz it ain't happening with the top 4.
  • Manchester City unfortunately is damned if they do and damned if they don't. If it doesn't rid itself of Thaksin Shinawatra, City is stuck with its human rights offender. If they off him, away goes his money and any hope of success.
  • I'm snoozing, this Hull City talk is riveting. Not to mention the Gerrard-Lampard debate.
  • MLS needs to go to the world calendar. Absolutely, but where are they going to play in some of these shared stadia? Where there's a will, there's a way to contrive the schedule. But seriously, who's going to a Colorado-New England match in Foxboro in December? They can't get 15,000 in gorgeous June, July and August. It's not realistic either way. MLS is not major league ball. Time to stop thinking it is.
  • John Terry as England captain is coming up again. Honestly, isn't the captaincy over-rated? How much of a leader is JT or anyone else in that role for a team that meets monthly? Maybe?
  • Hmmm, interesting. Ronaldinho tanks in the 2006 World Cup after leading Barca to the Champions League. Ditto for Ronaldo in the 2008 Euro. Ronaldinho lost Hank Ten Cate as an assistant. Ronaldo loses Quieroz. Interesting...

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