Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thaksin Shinawatra On Way Out at Manchester City

Big news out of Manchester. No, Ronaldo hasn't finally moved to Madrid (yawn). No, it's from the other club in Manchester. City owner and former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra has offered to step down as director for the good of the club and the Premier League.

City executive chairman Garry Cook told the British press:
He (Thaksin) said to me, 'If you need me to resign from the football club as a director, because it would serve the needs of the Premier League, then I'm fine with that as long as that doesn't change any other thing (his ownership)'
So yes, you read correctly: He won't relinquish ownership, just essentially day-to-day control. Reading deeper between the lines, a puppet regime that will still report to him. Jeez, this guy already on the run from the Thai government for disgraceful human rights violations (drugs, murder and more accusations), now he sanctimoniously offers to get out of the way. What a joke.

The Premier League rules state that directors must step down if they are found guilty of a crime in a court anywhere in the world. There are warrants on Thaksin and his wife; his assets have been seized after he failed to appear in court to face corruption charges. He is currently in exile in London; Thailand wants to extradite him, but in the meantime has already put him on trial and a guilty verdict almost certain.

It's high time the Premier League sever ties with this creep and bring some honor back to its club. Take the high road and set a precedent.

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Ralph Wallace said...

I don't think it is a sure thing yet. After the terrific, good footballing performance against West Ham, with a lot of injuries, and some good young players Thaskin seemed happy. He was content with owning the club. Successful, entertaining football is all he wanted.If he continues to get that he will stay.