Monday, September 8, 2008

Starting Eleven Football Blog Roundup

Four fun facts to start the day:
  1. West Ham wants Slaven Bilic.
  2. Slaven Bilic says England stinks.
  3. Croatia will win its World Cup qualifying group, says Slaven Bilic.
  4. Slaven Bilic climbs into bed with his players when they are stressed.
And now onto this weeks Starting Eleven Football Blog Roundup

1 comment:

Marius said...

Eh, when will the pompous Brits finally admit they simply have an average national team, and small countries like Croatia with limited players pool and mediocre resources have far outpaced them in talent and results.

England and its fans live in the past and with the delusion the EPL is a great league because it's British players. No, the reason for EPL's success is the foreigners, and until the Brits realize that and that serious change is needed at the national level, they'll continue to be an average team that small countries such as Croatia can push around on the field - at home or away; it doesn't matter.