Monday, September 22, 2008

Starting Eleven Football Blog Roundup

Chelsea gets the final word against Manchester United; Nigerians want to buy Newcastle; and Maradona and Mourinho? Let's leave it to this week's jaunt around the football blogosphere to tell the story:
  • EPLTalk has a great recap, and points out how quick ref Mike Riley was with the whistle, probably out of respect for the FA's new, well, Respect Campaign.
  • LivingTrueBlue laments the loss of Deco during warmups, and the injury to Ricardo Carvalho in the opening minutes of the match.
  • And now from the impartial side of the street, we have Truly Reds pinning the draw on referee Riley.
  • BleacherReport takes a few shots at Riley too. Who knew officious was a word?
  • AmericanSoccerReader talks about the Chelsea home unbeaten streak that remains intact after Kalou's goal.
  • Preetesh has 10 observations on the match for you too.
  • As for Newcastle, check out Soccerlens for a look at the offical bid by the Nigerian group for the club.
  • NVA Management apparently has deep pockets. Who knew a mid-tier Premier League club was such a good investment?
  • Caught Offside points out that Mike Ashley may be desperate to unload Newcastle, but not for just any old offer. He wants 400 million, about 50 million more than NVA has offered.
  • Apparently, Maradona to Inter as a South American scout has been confirmed. The OriginalWinger has the story, and notes that Maradona's daughter is expecting with Sergio Ageuro's baby, and coincidentally, Aguero is the apple of Inter's eye.
  • Same story from Fan Nation.
  • Nothing new in this Soccernet piece, except that Maradona is 47; somehow, I thought he was older. Being fat and a junky will do that for a guy, I guess.
  • Since we've done our share of Milan bashing, here's a link from Mcalcio on Milan's 4-1 thrashing of Lazio.
  • MLS Rumors has 10 questions with Revolution's Shalarie Joseph.
  • Oh You Beauty previews Liverpool's Carling Cup match against Crewe this week.
  • And finally, kudos for the Benfica site Talking to the Doll for its first anniversary!

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