Sunday, November 2, 2008

Magical Harry, Spurs Upset Liverpool

Move over Houdini and Potter, there's a new magical Harry in town. The town is London, the club is Tottenham and the Harry is Redknapp.

Harry Redknapp's Spurs knocked off the top dog in the Premier League yesterday, beating Liverpool 2-1 with a stunning injury-time strike to win it. Roman Pavlyuchenko's redirected game-winner two minutes into extra time provided Tottenham with its seventh point in Redknapp's three-game reign. Still in the relegation zone, Spurs are certainly looking up in more ways than one.

It's hard to dispute that Spurs needed a change. Since Juande Ramos was sacked, the club has won twice and has a moral victory ina 4-4 draw with Arsenal midweek--a true classic. Is it all Redknapp, probably not, but it certianly isn't hurting.

Redknapp's pushing all the right buttons. Yesterday, he brought on Pavlyuchenko at the half, and he connected on the game-winner. Aaron Lennon came on at 75, and he was a spark for the Tottenham attack. He also had some help from spotty Liverpool defending on the game-winner. David Bentley architected a blistering shot on goal that Pepe Reina stretched himself to make a fingertip save. The rebound deflected to Darren Bent; shockingly Andrea Dosseana initially challenged Bent the stopped and allowed the cross through. Pavlyuchenko rushed the goal and Daniel Agger failed to intercept him or the ball and the Russian chipped the ball over Reina.

Sensational finish and something special happening for Spurs. Redknapp is inspiring a lot of this right now with his experience and attitude.

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