Sunday, June 7, 2009

Starting Eleven Football Blog Roundup

I Twitter (I Tweet?). I'm not going to explain Twitter, you know what it is; if you don't, Google it.

Watching a World Cup qualifier on a Saturday night with your Twitter followers is a unique experience. I marvel at those who Tweet "US Scores" Duh. We're watching. You're watching. I assume you saw the same goal I saw. But hey, whatever. The instant gratification of social media is what it's all about.

It's the instant analysis I like and one of my followers Kartik, summed up the United States' 2-1 come-from-behind win over Honduras quite well (certainly better than Eric Wynalda did) "Good enough to win at home in CONCACAF. Not to win on the road, and probably get slaughtered against top competition."

Such is the curse hanging over U.S. soccer. The U.S. will always be good enough to get in, but never quite good enough to get over the hump. It's in that spirit that we renew the weekly blog roundup:

  • The Chicago Sun Times blog makes a keen observation: Soldier Field may have been within the U.S. borders, but it sure as hell wasn't a home game for Uncle Sam's boys.
  • Soccer By Ives has a nice recap of the U.S. win, but the comments section is a better read.
  • Major League Soccer Talk also recaps, but has some insight into some of Bob Bradley's moves and speculates about his frame of mind in making those moves.
  • Match Fit USA, one of the Twitter folks, pretty much sums up the sentiments of many: Take the 3 points and run.
  • Texas Soccer Blog did some live commentary from a bar; check out how the spelling deteriorates ;)
  • Have we mentioned Mexico coughed up a major furball losing 2-1 to El Salvador? Check out for all the gory El Tri details.
  • World Cup Xpert has more on the Mexico loss and declares Quintilanna a national hero in El Salvador.
  • Portugal World Cup blog breathes a big sigh of relief. Still a 2-1 squeaker over Albania doesn't make me want to keep Carlos Queiroz on the bench any longer.
  • has Bruno Alves saying Portugal had it all the way.
  • England won a big one; England World Cup Blog has a player-by-player analysis.
  • And finally, The Gaffer at EPL Talk has some Man. City and Man. U. news.

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Starting11 said...

Thanks Man, I miss it.

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