Friday, December 11, 2009

Make Book on It;
Tomorrow is Upset Saturday

I'm prone to premonitions. I can visualize what Seinfeld rerun is going to be on next week before it's broadcast. I can see what kind of stupid things my mother will say over the holidays. I know what I know and when I know it -- which is sometimes before it happens.

Given that intro, I'm going to call it. Tomorrow is Upset Saturday in Europe. The giants will fall. I got a feelin' (though I'm not putting any money on it).

ENGLAND: Mercy(side)! Everton will take down Premier League leaders Chelsea. I just know it! All this Landon Donovan talk has the city of Liverpool all-a-tingle. Landon is coming. Landon is coming. Who cares about Santa (Father Christmas?), we want Landon. Call it, Everton 1, Chelsea 0.

SPAIN: This one could get Messi. Derbies are dubious and Barcelona is in trouble tomorrow in the Catalan clash. Lionel Messi has a boo-boo on his ankle and won't play (mean ol' Russians--I hate CSKA ever since the 2005 UEFA Cup final). Espanyon closes the gap in La Liga with three points. It's in the bag, Espanyol 2, Barcelona 1.

ITALY: I'm taking blogger's liberty and extending Upset Saturday to Sunday just for Serie A. Inter is hung over after it's Champions League win this week over Ruben Kazan (wasn't he in the Breakfast Club? Carl the janitor?) So what if Atalanta has lost five of six, it's going to beat Inter. Yeppers, Atalanta 2, Inter 0.

PORTUGAL: I can smell it. Fabulously offensive Benfica (yes, pun intended, Go Sporting) will fall to Olhanense. Benfica and Braga are jammed together at the top of the table with 29 points, but it will matter not. Olhanense will have 11 points by the time tomorrow's match in Olhao is over. Mark it, Olhanense 2, Benfica 0.

GERMANY: I loathe German soccer. Don't care. Next.

FRANCE: See my thoughts on German soccer.

BTW, I will revisit this post on Monday. Feel free to call me out when all of these picks fall flat on their face, but dammit, if I get them right, I better hear the attaboys too.

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