Monday, December 14, 2009

Upset Saturday, Close But No Cigar

So no, I wasn't delusional as a fellow blogger put it ;) I smelled blood in the water on Saturday in Europe's biggest leagues, and gosh darn it, I came thisclose to getting my predictions and premonitions right for what I had deemed "Upset Saturday."

You can check it out for yourself at the link above, but basically, I'd posted that Barcelona, Chelsea, Inter and Benfica would tumble like weeds in the Ol' West this weekend. And I came close--horseshoes and hand grenades close. Close but no (Lewinski) cigar.

As it turned out, Barca squeaked past Espanyol 1-0, Chelsea and Everton slugged it out 3-3, while Benfica and Olhanense went 2-2, and Inter-Atalanta 1-1.

Wow, would I have looked wicked smart.

But that's why I don't bet. Those four games looked like locks from the outside--giants playing against minnows--and the giants got a mere 6 of 12 possible points. Ugh.

So save the attaboys. Close ain't good enough, but it was a fun weekend-for me any way.

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