Monday, June 28, 2010

Random Thoughts about World Cup 2010

Compiling some random thoughts about World Cup 2010 as I listen to Andres Cantor's call of Landon Donovan's goal over and over. Just sensational.

  • Dunga will be validated for going with these team and this approach. Defense wins for the first time in Brazil, which will win one for the other hand--a very Jordan-like sixth world championship.
  • Arjen Robben comes back to Holland's lineup and scores the Dutch's first goal. Who knew he was that good? Um, EVERYONE! Everyone except Slovakia
  • In a close race for the most overrated figure at World Cup 2010: Fabio Capello v. Jozy Altidore. Put them in a UFC octagon and Altidore would spend the bout behind Capello, who would be making the blowfish face while sitting on a bench with his arms folded. Altidore would come close with a lot of his punches, but be late or just miss all of them. Capello, meanwhile, still has his arms folded.
  • So FIFA says showing the replay of Carlos Tevez's offside goal for Argentina yesterday was a mistake and adds it will censor future replays at World Cup venues. So let's get this straight, non controversial goals will be shown, anything that could sully a referee's reputation won't be. I guess it will be easy to spot the bad calls, and there will be a lot of dark screens in South Africa.
  • Miroslav Klose has scored 12 goals in the World Cup finals; just as many as that Pele guy. Klose's dirty dozen are a well-kept secret, a quiet 12 goals. BTW, those two guys are tied for fourth all-time. Trivia: Name the top 3 (answer below)
  • Germany may give Brazil a battle in the final (I think I've conceded this point), but I'd still rather have Argentina-Brazil in the final; or even the real Portugal-Brazil game this time of course in the final.
  • Is it my prejudice, or is Portugal kinda sneaky lurking around in this tournament and might just play its way into the final? Or at least the semis? Maybe.
  • And speaking of Argentina, here's the perfect example of the "Is it the players or the coaching" argument. Diego Maradona ain't pushing all of these buttons folks. He just ain't. I don't know enough about his staff to say it's all them, but I know it ain't all Maradona right now. He's built an offensive machine, a relentless force that might outscore everyone all the way to the championship. Higuain, Aguero, Messi, Tevez--should I keep going? This is an unparalleled collection of offense. Players? Coaching? Let's see how this plays out.
  • Brazil's physical defense-first approach versus Argentina's Playstation-style of offense. If that's the final, I can't wait.
  • Trivia answer: Ronaldo of Brazil (15), Gerd Mueller of Germany (14), and Just Fontaine of France (13).
  • Ian Darke rocks. John Harkes, not so much
  • If the U.S. is going to can Bob Bradley--it should and I think it will--then hopefully Sunil Gulati is on the same flight out of town. In fact, I'll drive you fellas to the airport.
  • Portugal-Spain just has a whole lotta awesome about it.
  • I wonder under what bridge ESPN has Tommy Smythe tied up? Does he get to come out for the Champions League?
  • Did you like my Lady Gaga/France post? I did.
  • Speaking of the French: See ya in 2014, hopefully 2018. Yeah, that's it, 2022.
  • I'm 4-for-6 in my second round predictions so far, thanks Bullet Bob Bradley, and you too Fhony Fabio
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sucka99 said...

T Smyth is on ESPN Radio and seems to be the go-to guy for react on ESPN News and Sports Nation and whatever else is going on in Bristol