Monday, June 28, 2010

Starting Eleven Football Blog Roundup

Two weeks into World Cup 2010 and we've learned that the U.S. is not a world soccer power, refereeing is abysmal, goalkeeping is a close second to refereering in the abysmal category, and that Southern hemisphere teams rule in, well, the Southern hemisphere.

If I had to grade the World Cup, I'd give it a solid B-. I haven't been knocked out of my seat yet, though Donovan's goal was close. Brazil's physical approach has been fun to watch. Argentina has been immense, just overwhelming people with wave after wave of scoring chances--and conversions. The Germans are better than advertised, and Fabio Capello and Jozy Altidore are neck-and-neck for the most overrated things about the World Cup.

I hope the tournament ramps it up for the final two weeks and the final is a fight to the finish with no whistles and solid play between the goal posts. Otherwise, that B- might slide into the less-than-average range.

Here's another World Cup edition of the Starting Eleven Football Blog Roundup:

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