Tuesday, June 8, 2010

World Cup 2010: Group G Preview

Welcome to the Group of Death, or the GOD group. God help us here, because this is one for the ages. Brazil and Portugal, two countries divided by a common language (kinda like England and the US). And the Ivory Coast, Africa's best hope whose best player broke his elbow in a meaningless friendly. Finally, North Korea. Who knows what we have with these poor guys? Locked behind an iron wall for all eternity, they could be studs, or more likely duds.

If Didier Drogba can't play, then the pendulum definitely swings toward the Portuguese speaking lads in the group. If Drogba is effective, then we could have the dream group we prayed for back in December when the pairings were announced.

Let's go on the assumption Drogba won't play much, or if he does, won't make much of an impact. Either way, if this comes down to Brazil-Portugal on June 25, it will be all-time epic if both teams need to win to advance. I say they both do.

  1. Brazil 7 points
  2. Portugal 6
  3. Ivory Coast 4
  4. North Korea 0

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