Tuesday, June 8, 2010

World Cup 2010: Group F Preview

Well, well, surprise surprise, the defending champs get a cakewalk draw. Or do they?

One thing is certain about Group F and that's New Zealand. It's certain they won't win, maybe won't even score a goal. It'll be a quick holiday in South Africa for the Kiwis. So we have three nations fighting for two spots, and one going to Italy, one would presume.

So it's down to South America's upstarts Paraguay and Slovakia. I'll stick with the hemisphere argument and Paraguay; having Oscar Cardozo scoring goals and Roque Santa Cruz wandering about doesn't hurt either. What the hell, let's say they win the group too.

  1. Paraguay 7 points
  2. Italy 5
  3. Slovenia 4
  4. New Zealand 0

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