Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Live Blogging: Champions League--Arsenal-AC Milan

Random thoughts and observations about today's Arsenal - A.C. Milan match.

  • Why do they play the Champions League anthem prior to the match? How pretentious of UEFA!
  • Is it arrogant of a coach like Wenger to essentially tank a massive FA Cup match like Arsenal did last weekend losing 4-0 to Man. U., clearly to concentrate on today's match and the Premiership. Why would supporters excuse such flaunting of their emotions and support? Or do you prefer it as a fan?
  • Clearly, this is a superior Arsenal Starting Eleven on the pitch than the one Wenger put out there against United.
  • Interesting that Arsenal is attacking Maldini's side of the field. Have the mighty fallen so far?
  • Toure takes a shot off the thigh and is carried off? Didn't see him twist anything prior.
  • What a throw by Lehman to Adebayor, even better recovery by Oddo.

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