Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Live Blogging: Champions League--Arsenal-AC Milan

Starting at the 8-minute mark:

  • Duh observation of the day; Adebayor is just a handful, a physically intimidating guy who is just about always in the right spot for challenge the goal.
  • Arsenal is turning this into a 55-meter match. Milan has had one venture into the Arsenal end (got a corner out of it) but otherwise, doesn't look interested in pressing the issue
  • Maldini is being attacked, but withstanding. Eboue had no chance of beating the legend on one play at the goal line; he did win the corner.
  • Eduardo should have done better with a nice cross through the box
  • Kaka gets a touch, mark that at 14 minutes
  • My father has a name for the style Milan is playing: anti-jogo
  • Hmmm, Nesta shoves Adebayor off the ball and gets away with it; borderline. Yet, is the bigger picture here one of frustration/desperation on the Milan back line? It's only 18 minutes in.
  • What a pity this is a round-of-16 matchup and one of these clubs is going to be gone. This is a final quality pairing, despite Milan's struggles in Serie A.
  • Eduardo, Eboue and Gallas, um, I'll toss these cards in any hand of poker.
  • With one sub gone for Arsenal (Toure), how much does this change Wenger's strategy in the second half?

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