Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Live Blogging: Champions League--Arsenal-AC Milan

Random thoughts while watching Arsenal-AC Milan.

Starting at the 30-minute mark:

  • Celtic and Barca have traded goals; same goes for Fenerbache and Sevilla--ESPN won't show scores on its crawl.
  • Fabregas is a stud; Eduardo is a black hole. Another great cross to Eduardo that he cannot handle, nor finish.
  • Kaladze and Nesta are busy with Adebayor, but is anyone getting the sense Milan gets a counterattack goal some time soon? Arsenal hasn't had glaring chances, but it has had the run of play and cannot finish.
  • Milan has given up 1 goal in six games; it is unbeaten in those six games.
  • Hleb makes a brilliant turn in the box at 44; deserved a better finish.
  • Overall, this one's been a dud. Arsenal started well, but the game's had more dead spots than the basketball floor at the old Boston Garden. Give Milan a halftime grade of D (its defense keeps it from getting an F); let's give Arsenal a C+

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