Tuesday, March 4, 2008

UPDATE: Live Blogging: Champions League, AC Milan--Arsenal--Gunners Lead 1-0

Random thoughts while watching the second half of Milan-Arsenal.

  • We've now entered that period when neither teams wants to make a horrible mistake
  • Kaka has been Milan's only serious threat; four guys on him and he gets a shot off just wide. Very little support however
  • It will be a shame if Arsenal is eliminated. And Milan is pressing more, but of little quality.
  • This isn't just a throwaway line: Is the referee willing to make a crucial call against Milan in its home stadium? And vice-versa?
  • Inzaghi comes out of the game
  • Eboue comes out for Arsenal
  • Justice Served! Fabregas with a bomb from outside the box ends Milan's reign. An unstoppable one-hop to the back of the net in the only spot he could score. Fabregas has been Arsenal's best player today; he's called for the ball all game, he's been the only one willing to take shots on goal, he's justly the one to score!
  • UPDATE: Adebayor doubles the lead and the shame for the reigning champs. What a result, coming to Milan and winning 2-0. Truly a watershed moment for Milan.

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