Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Champions League Final: Live Blogging

Random thoughts while watching today's Champions League final between Manchester United and Chelsea, the first between two English teams.

  • Man, is the United back four shaky or what? They haven't had a solid clearance yet
  • Lampard's corners are always pinpoint and potentially scores.
  • Unfortunate touch from Carrick for a corner at 67 minutes.
  • Ferdinand is hurt, cramping certainly. Can we blame the pitch for this one?
  • O'Shea or Silvestre in the ready?
  • Tevez with an impressing wrestling takedown on Makelele.
  • Rooney finally involved in a play that ends in a United corner. Where's he been?
  • Pretty dreadful second half so far.
  • Hmmm, touch and go on Malouda in the box. Good no-call
  • United's strikers are so wide. First it was Ronaldo, now Tevez
  • Drogba rings the post, amazing effort to free himself and the shot beat Van der Sar. 78 minutes
  • Tevez needs to come off. He's just out of sync, taking the body first on all occasions.
  • Ferdinand fell and Malouda got some space, Drogba's shot is high. Was it the pitch, his injury? More Rio woes.
  • Good luck and shot from Tevez, 81 minutes
  • Giggs getting warm. 759 appearances if he does come on, one more than Sir Bobby Charlton
  • Cole and Drogba nearly put Chelsea atop.
  • Giggs is indeed coming in. Scholes out.
  • Looks like extra time. Bummer.

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