Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Champions League Final: Live Blogging

Random thoughts while watching today's Champions League final between Manchester United and Chelsea, the first between two English teams.

  • Second half kicks off
  • Ballack really doesn't like Ronaldo. Shoved him, Ronaldo "dove", Ballack got called
  • Joey Cole getting more involved -- should have won a corner. Bad call.
  • Ronaldo and Evra just combined on a great give and go, Evra's cross is too far for Hargreaves, but another golden opportunity. Tevez can't finish. Passes are a shade off. Could this bode well for Chelsea?
  • Essien makes a wonderful run, but his shot is too high.
  • We're back to the ugly style of play that dominated the first 15. The game needs a goal to open things up again. The final 20 of the first half were quality.
  • It's midnight in Moscow.
  • Vidic with a saving, yet shaky header to safety in front of Drogba. Corner Chelsea and Drogba heads it over the bar.
  • Ballack hits a quality drive wide; too much room, too much time to think
  • Wonder if Scholes can breathe?
  • Makelele takes down Hargreaves, hits him in the nose. With a yellow, that's chancy for the Chelsea M
  • Man. U., 1 goal, 2 broken noses. This is Grant's strategy?
  • Chelsea is in Hargreaves' head.
  • Chelsea is being very physical, especially in the Man. U. end
  • Ballack is either a douche, or immensely intense
  • Man of the match? Hmmm, I may elevate Cech to No. 1 right now the way this is going. Hargreaves 2, Vidic and Ronaldo tied for 3?
  • 65 minutes, 1-1

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